Baby Bunnies Everywhere! Blog 11 08.21.2021

We had one our past customers, now friends, reach out to us for help.  They had underestimated how prolific rabbits can be.  The two they had adopted from us made babies!  They asked us if we would take them off their hands.  This blog is asking for help in finding homes for these pudgy cuties. Continue reading “Baby Bunnies Everywhere! Blog 11 08.21.2021”

It’s Getting Smelly Around Here – Good Smelly! Blog 10 06.21.2021

I can not tell you how strong fresh herds dried and prepped are. It’s incredible!  Almost too strong for my nose. Boy does it feel good to harvest what you sow.  Just check out the pics. Oregano is a small harvest, but much more coming.  I forgot how sage is fluffy compared to other herbs. Continue reading “It’s Getting Smelly Around Here – Good Smelly! Blog 10 06.21.2021”

Feral Bunny Needs a Name! Blog 8 2021.05.30

Silver Fox mixed breed Doe. Daughter of Big Ears and Grey Nose.  Past Escapee Feral has been with us since February last year.  She was the one rabbit of them all that kept escaping.  She would be gone for a few days then show up at the gate.  Amazing that she survived the local predatorsContinue reading “Feral Bunny Needs a Name! Blog 8 2021.05.30”

Our First Rabbit Show Blog 4 3.28.2021

We official have pedigree lines!  Yes!  Our two that we are working on are Otter Netherland Dwarfs and Blue/Black Dutches.  Our first Otter is named Jaz, but we don’t have names yet for the Chestnut Netherland Dwarf and the Blue Dutch.  The Chestnut will help us maintain the Otter traits for future show rabbits.  WeContinue reading “Our First Rabbit Show Blog 4 3.28.2021”