About Blou Ranch

Blou Ranch has grown to be a place where people come together and share experiences, learning how to be successful homesteaders.  

Come on by and pick up healthy happy animals and the supplies add to your homestead.  Bring your questions!

Animals: We have rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and more as we continue to grow. Eggs, so many eggs!  We have both for pets, raising and processed. Coming up are our lines of pedigrees.  Our goal is to help families provide a space that encourages love and respect for the animals in addition to providing for your home.

Plants: From gardens to fields.  Seedlings and produce for sale and for trade (seasonal).  We may not have all the answers, but we can share with you our experiences and the resources we found that have helped us. 

Homesteading:  We want to encourage this healthy trend by sharing our experience through events, workshops and provide the tools to bring successes.  Food: Canning, pickling, herbs, even recipes.  Water: Rain barrels and watering the basics

About Tiffany and Walt: We have worked in the corporate industry through finance and accounting. We even owned a retail business. We grew up on farms and homes with vegetable gardens all over the world.  Now we have come to Greenville to follow our dreams since childhood to establish a ranch home where we can work with our hands, find like minded people and help others do the same.

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