Baby Bunnies Everywhere! Blog 11 08.21.2021

We had one our past customers, now friends, reach out to us for help.  They had underestimated how prolific rabbits can be.  The two they had adopted from us made babies!  They asked us if we would take them off their hands.  This blog is asking for help in finding homes for these pudgy cuties.  They are very tame and very curious. Five were born May 12th, the other three born June 28th.  Starting to take on personalities. I have one already pegged as the explorer of the bunch.  We’re asking $25 per rabbit to help us with supplies for the other rabbits.  They aren’t pedigrees, but just look at them!  If you or someone you know is new to bunnies, plan on spending a little time with us as we show you how to groom them, talk about what to feed them and over all tips to ensure they are the perfect pets for your home. Pictures at the bottom of this blog, but here’s one with a really pretty coat.  So cuddly, adorable, not smelly, trainable bundles of love!  Just reach out to Tiffany: or send text/call at (214) 236-9940.

He still has his fluffy baby fur. One of the younger ones.

Meanwhile on the ranch, we have another rabbits show we will be heading out in September. We are hoping to enter a couple of our rabbits. Our only concern is that we have over fed them. Yes, there is a weight standard with pedigree rabbits.

New addition is Lola, our Great Pyrenees.  She is now 6 months old and in full training to listen and stay calm. Yeah, tough for puppies to do, but she is super smart and listening.  She’s curious about the rabbits and chases them during her spin up, but overall, they don’t seem to mind her much. A few of them do come up to her or go about their business very close to her.  We know she will make a great companion and guard to them after we get through the puppy months.  I mean all of us surviving her puppy energic moments.

Lola watching Puff Puff during his grooming session.

Other news, we completed more of our projects, including mortaring the walls of our compost bin.  Another garden bed built with perfect timing as we prep for the fall planting.  It’s been a very productive summer so far with many jars of our homemade V-8 juice, marinara, pickled veggies, and so much more.

It’s been nice to finally have friends over every so often now that we time with our bigger projects wrapped (don’t worry, we planning more big projects in the near future) and can share our home. I hope you all are also getting social again. It’s good to connect with friends and family.  We are amazed by the peace and calm the ranch brings us.  So satisfying!

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