It’s Getting Smelly Around Here – Good Smelly! Blog 10 06.21.2021

I can not tell you how strong fresh herds dried and prepped are. It’s incredible!  Almost too strong for my nose. Boy does it feel good to harvest what you sow.  Just check out the pics. Oregano is a small harvest, but much more coming.  I forgot how sage is fluffy compared to other herbs.  Can’t wait for the other herbs to grow bigger.

In addition we canned squash, made our own guac (avocados from the store only). Next to can are the tomatoes that are ripening. We have an abundance from cucumbers and okra to onions and variety greens.  We made ice lollies for the rabbits in prep for summer with mustard greens (natural parasite control for their digestion and kale).  Nutritious and will help keep them cool.

We are building out two more big garden boxes extending what we are growing and establishing our medicinal herbs. Compost base has been concreted and first layer has been mortared. After that, it’s time to make things pretty with garden decorations, fencing and solar lights.  Planning out our stone pathways. 

So glad that the rainy season and its mud is behind us!  During the mud we wrapped up many indoor projects; built three beds with live edge wood, complete the bath with my Aunt Pam’s pottery basins and more. But this is my teaser to my hubby’s upcoming posts that should start soon.  Grins!

Yes, we are living the dream, but it is a tremendous amount of work that make dinner taste delicious and sleep very welcomed!

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