Mud – Enough! Blog 9 06.06.2021

Update from last post. Feral’s new name is Carol!  Thank you, Candace, for the name and it’s perfect. Love the reference to Carol on the Walking Dead. Yes, Carol bunny is a tough broad and still has lots of love to give.  ❤  Another update, Jaz ended up not being pregnant. So we will try her with Gary again.  She’s our Otter Netherland Dwarf bunny.  It was Gary’s first time so he’s learning. What impressed us was what a gentleman he was to Jaz. Grooming her, letting her eat his food, very gentle. They got along beautifully!

As everyone in this area, we are all experience major rain and wetness.  Here at Blou Ranch, it has delayed a few of our outdoor projects, but we’re still progressing.  Now our focus has changed to water management.  Basically shoveling a lot of dirt into the back yard to raise the land and guide the water out towards the edges of the property.  Challenge, no front loader nor space to come into the back area.

For everyday of rain, it’s takes roughly 3 days to dry out enough to do work outside.

Meanwhile, the garden is doing fantastic! Check out our pics at the bottom of this blog. We did have an issue with fruit and fungal flies. But with a little insecticide soap, a day of full sun, I believe we have them beat with minimal loss other than a couple of potted seedlings.  As a note for those fighting these flies, dry out your dirt, get them in full sun if possible and scrap off the top layer where the eggs are laid.  This process may take a few days.  You can use traps, but if you’re outside where you’re experiencing lots of wetness, this way may end up not making much of an impact.

New tree additions to the ranch; lemon, lime, lychee and our mutant avocado.  They are in pots for now as Texas Weather is crazy. These may end up being indoor trees or on our patio as we upgrade or patio for more future activities.

As for the rabbits, they are doing fine. They aren’t happy with the rain thought at all. We have to be vigilant with all this wetness. Dewormer rounds as they are drinking not just the fresh water, but the puddles of water as well. This includes Lola puppy. Also having to brush them out and tend to skin issues on the hocks on a couple of them to prevent any chance of sores. For the most part, they do stay on the higher ground and groom themselves regularly.

Projects for the outside:

  1. Waste management/collection system for the caged rabbits.  We are working to gather and collect for our compost. Healthy stuff right there!
  2. Pave the area around the shed and raise the dirt.
  3. Add two more garden boxes. More medicinal herbs and lettuces that will do well with later planting. And of course, more veggies!
  4. Start drying the herbs and get them bottled.
  5. Till the back area for the hays later this year.  Finally found someone!

After that is all settled, YES, we will start hosting events.  But more on that for another blog.  Things are getting exciting around here!

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