Feral Bunny Needs a Name! Blog 8 2021.05.30

Silver Fox mixed breed Doe. Daughter of Big Ears and Grey Nose.  Past Escapee

Feral has been with us since February last year.  She was the one rabbit of them all that kept escaping.  She would be gone for a few days then show up at the gate.  Amazing that she survived the local predators and bad weather!  We would joke that she was out with all the wild males in the neighbor.  When she would come back, we would open the gate and she would walk in like no big deal. Big Ears would charge at her, give her the once over and then the next day, all is back to normal and calm.

We think this is of Feral. If not, it’s very close to what she looked like when she was a baby.

Feral with her escapes, ended up with a parasite, E. Cuniculi last fall.  It knocked her down completely.  She could not move and barely could lift her head up to eat and drink, let alone even go pee on her own.  I had to massage her abdomen to get her to pee/poop, massage her legs, and basically rub her down so her muscles would not atrophy.  There were a couple of times I checked on her and thought she was dead.  Just a little breathing and I knew she was still alive.  Panacur treatment for about one and half weeks, kept diet regular, massage her and she MADE IT!  She is very strong and fast, though still has some residual signs of loss of nervous system control over some of her muscles.  She incredibly happy and content now. Does not try to escape anymore what so ever!

She now lives in our back yard with her mom and the other rabbits.  Leisurely stretches out on the patio and comes up for treats.  She has a fantastic dewlap and the most luxurious fur.  A little miracle if you ask me.  After all this, I think she deserves a real name, other than just Feral.  We would love to hear your suggestions. No prizes, but we will give you public credit, just that Feral deserves a real name. Otherwise, we will keep calling her Feral. 

Henrietta, Sean, Feral and Big Ears. Feral is pointed to the left. The gang!

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