Charlie Blog 7 2021.05.02

False Netherland Dwarf Grey Neutered Male – Rescue/adoptee

Just chillin

History: I received a call from a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a long time. She had purchased this rabbit that they didn’t know what to do with. They were unsure and thought of him as aggressive.  So Walt and I went to go see her, her kids and this rabbit.  When we walked in, we noticed he was free range in their living room with a very sweet set up. They had spoiled him! He saw us and charged immediately towards me.  I could see in my peripheral vision my friend hold in her breathe. Me, being me, just bent down and picked him. I think Charlie had no idea how to respond.  He stayed calm and watched me in my arms as we talked. We ended up taking him into our ranch. Later the family realized they just weren’t ready to take on a rabbit and gave him to us.

Since then, Charlie’s personality has grown big!  He has the confidence of being 550 pounds, even though he is only 3 ½ pounds.  He has become our spoiled little rabbit by far and my husband’s side kick.  He stays with us inside in his cage but will throw temper tantrums if we don’t pay him enough attention by throwing his toy around or turning over his litter box. High maintenance!  However, when he comes out, he is very well behaved, not even leaving us one pellet poop present.

He loves to groom us and when we snuggle him close, he tells us with cute little whimpers how tough life is.  We grin a lot with this little boy. He does get to go outside with our free range herd, he loves to taunt them by running up to them, then running away very quickly to get chased. He definitely gets his exercise!

Charlie has become the rabbit of the house. He loves being out with us and loves to play, and play a lot!  He likes to play attack, lick us, and yes, he loves to eat skittles, especially the sour ones. Don’t ask how we learned about that. Yes, remember folks, candy is bad for animals, but he does get plenty of hay, greens and other nutritious things.  He loves to watch movies with us or hang with us on the desk when we play games.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and would love to hear your rabbit stories.  We are constantly reminded how big of personalities these little gentles prey creatures are and how much we want to give them as much as we can, with lots of protection from anything harmful.

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