Henrietta Blog 5 2021.044

Black doe, Silver Fox mix, daughter of Sean and Jessica and our tiniest little explorer with big personality.

Yup, she digs and is teaching her brother, George how to dig.

History:  She was part of the surprise litter from Jessica when Sean got out for 5 minutes a second time. Don’t worry, Sean is neutered now.  She roams the back yard with the rest of the free range rabbits and is fully accepted by the ladies in charge.

She is our little climber digger explorer and the most affectionate little bunny.  She deserves a recent story sharing for this blog.

Don’t tell her you can still see her. She’s invisible!

I hadn’t finished repairing an area of the fencing.   She got out of the backyard one day.  We couldn’t find her for a bit, then was spotted playing with a wild baby bunny.  We finally got her back in and she spent the next couple of days showing off along the fence line trying to get the attention of this baby bunny by running and doing binkies.  It was obvious she wanted to keep playing.  After a couple of days of this, we soon realized this baby wild was in our back yard and hiding in the drainpipe near our patio.  We don’t know how it got in, but it hasn’t left.  So, every evening, it comes out of hiding with Henrietta close by. We can’t tell if she is guarding it and just wants to be near it to play. But it seems this wild has become part of our backyard gang and Henrietta is happy!

Whenever we are in the backyard taking care of everyone or fixing up the rabbit holes dug out, she is right there at our feet.  She looks as if she’s asking us what we are doing, what’s that, where ya going?  We have come to really enjoy her in our backyard.

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