Our First Rabbit Show Blog 4 3.28.2021

The layout. Huge Room!

We official have pedigree lines!  Yes!  Our two that we are working on are Otter Netherland Dwarfs and Blue/Black Dutches.  Our first Otter is named Jaz, but we don’t have names yet for the Chestnut Netherland Dwarf and the Blue Dutch.  The Chestnut will help us maintain the Otter traits for future show rabbits.  We are getting them acclimated to their new homes with plenty of attention. Great temperaments and they are beautiful!

The show was in Bell County.  Lots of driving for us so we are spending today recovering.  The whole experience was incredibly positive. Our heads are swimming with so much information.  The breeders we met were so open to more information and really helped us finally get settled into the traits we wanted as we move forward.  The Dutch and the Chinchilla we got are show ready so we may go ahead and try out showing for our first time. Many breeders were entering many rabbits. We will be the new kids on the block and just show our two males.  Gotta start somewhere.

Very easy going chill rabbit.

I kinda knew this, but it was interesting to see in action was how breeders work together to keep their lines genetically sound. They will trader rabbits with each other and talk in depth about what is working, what they need or looking for and tips on how to improve breeding for traits that they are looking for.  Another thing that I found amusing was that the female rabbits get disqualified for having a dew lap.  As the ladies get older, they develop dew laps no matter what you do so most ladies are young to show.  Sorry Big Ears, your amazing double dew lap and skirt will get you D.Q.-ed. LOL Also learned to be more forward about handling a rabbit you may purchase for your rabbitry.  We were very respectful and didn’t handle the rabbits at first, but it is expected that you look at their ears, check toenails for uniform colors, look at teeth, color patterns, make sure the males have both testicles and are in good shape.  I can see why rabbit diseases are monitored and track so seriously in this community.  Some shows will completely close down if in an area where cases were found close by.

The one thing we have learned is that breeding for certain traits to get that close to perfect show bunny is quite the trial and error. Those bunnies that don’t get the traits we want will become pets.  Since we handle all our rabbits and part of what we chose was in traits was temperament, all our rabbits will be wonderful additions to a home.

So cuddly!

Now we are getting our pedigree software and start our journey of tracking our rabbits.  Each rabbit will have pedigree papers.  As we go to shows and hopefully get placed, our rabbits will achieve legs. Legs are the wins/place that the rabbits receive. The more legs the rabbit has, the better ratings.  We will share as we learn about this most interesting world of rabbits and rabbit shows.

As we get to a point when we can offer our new lines of pedigrees for pets, we will let you all know.  Remember all our rabbits get attention, petted, spa days and are looked after constantly with lots of love.  Plus we try to train them to use litter boxes.

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