Jessica Blog 3 2021.3.14

Light brown with a touch of red highlights Silver Fox mix 4 pounds doe bunny.

Jessica when she was months old and with her favorite human.

History: She was born on our ranch from two of our original rabbits. Her parents are not with us on the ranch anymore.  They were the most dysfunctional rabbits we have ever witnessed. Luckily, Jessica does not have those traits and is the gentlest sweet bunny that looks after her warren alongside with Big Ears.

She is our daintiest rabbit when held but has become quite the climber, enforcer, and digger. What is interesting most of the holes she digs out, Big Ears will fill and cover after a day or so. Not sure what that is all about.  She is my husband’s favorite bunny.  She has proven herself many times to be extremely interested in the boys. From climbing what we thought was impossible to be on top of Ron’s cage to making herself very available to Sean.

She is interested in us humans when we first come outside. She will charge up to us, nudge us, inspect our hands…  you guessed it… for food. If there is no food to be found, she will be done with us and moves on.  Although when we are working in the yard, she will occasionally check in on us to see what we’re doing and nudging us from behind.  She seems to enjoy eating with the other critters and rarely eats alone, though if treats are given, she will grab her share or at least what she thinks is her share and run off to a corner to covet her treat.

She is a wonderful mom to three litters of rabbits, giving her babies her all. She makes beautiful petite bunnies that make wonderful pets.  We kept two of her babies, Henrietta, and George. George just got neutered so he can roam free with his sister and mom. 

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