Sean: Blog 2 2021.3.7

Sean with his human

History: When Karen Rabbit died, I didn’t realize how much I had gotten attached to a rabbit.  She was my workspace buddy and shared V8 juice with me. The space was empty.  One day at the feed store Hubby and were looking at the rabbits. He nonchalantly said I should get another work buddy. I look down and saw Sean.  He came right up to me and I picked him up just to check him out. Never put him back down.  Even walked him to the counter without a box.  I believe it was bunny love at first sight.  Ever since then I became his human.  As he has gotten older, his markings have come out. He looks like he has eyebrows!

Baby Sean

Right now, he is an outside rabbit with many of the others.  However, when I work in the garden or am outside, he is with me.  He will go explore and say hi to the ladies on the other side of the fence but runs back to me and keeps close.  I have never known a rabbit to want the company of a human so intensely.  He gives love nips snuggly close.  He will run around like crazy when he hears me outside and I have not greeted him properly. 

The ladies adore him, and he loves the ladies.  He has figured out how to get out a couple of times. In less than five minutes he has had a rendezvous with Jessica and more recently Big Ears.  Jessica has had a litter of adorable babies that have all found homes.  Big Ears is due any day now.

I have also never had an animal, let alone a rabbit, pee or poop on me so much. Learned that this is territory marking, claiming me as his.  This makes it a challenge to keep him close when inside, though he does calm down after the initial few minutes of being in his human’s space. He even has a smile and does that tucked happy bunny flop when next to me. 

For the most part, the cage is the rabbits’ home. They will run back in and are more at peace in their cage. Not Sean.  He is known to bite going in and when the door first opens to get out.  Out of all our rabbits, the cage is not his home and it is obvious.  He is happiest when he has the space to go where he wants and to follow his humans.

Because of territory marking and he desire to be around other bunnies, we have scheduled him to get neutered to give him his freedom and the opportunity to be close to his human even more.  I am confident he will be a great addition to the bunny herd we have in our back yard.

Follow us as we update our Facebook page on Sean’s pre-surgery adventure, post recovery, and getting acclimated to our backyard.

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