Big Ears: Blog 1 2021.2.28

Just chillin’.

Roughly 1.5 years old.  Silver Fox mix.  Roughly 8 pounds doe rabbit.

History:  She was a surrender at our local feed store brought back by people that bought her there. I have no idea why and you’ll see why we’re confused. She’s an amazing rabbit! We took her in at a discount because of it.  She, since the beginning, has been the most calm and sweet bunny ever!  What took us by surprise is that she is so gentle and affectionate. She sleeps like she’s dead too.  Sign of her being very secure where she is.  She does not like the rain, however.

As rabbits go, we were surprised at how observant she is.  She’s the like wizened one of the ranch.  So calm and majestic in her ways.  She has become the alpha rabbit on our ranch. Letting us know if the other rabbits are doing bad things or have gotten out. She will show us where they are at.  She loves to be hand fed and will run to us just to see if we have treats. Her favorite is apple. If there are large birds in the sky she will thump to alert the others and stand at attention on her hand legs until the threat is gone.  She also thumps to keep everyone in line or show disapproval.  She is surprisingly strong and fast! But so gentle when we handle and pet her.  She will nudge us if we stop. We’re not allowed to stop petting her. LOL

She loves the boys and will lay next to them so they can groom her from the cage.  We keep the boys separate from the ladies, even during their exercise time as well…  you know the saying, rabbits breed like rabbits.  And in less than five minutes.  We’ve learned to be extra careful as rabbits are smarter than we expected and know how to get out to be together. It happens so quickly.

Jessica is Big Ear’s best friend.  Though they have had a past of fighting when they were separated too long. It takes them about a day or two before they mend their ways and become BFF’s again. We work to keep them together.  Big Ears gets all the grooming from all the other rabbits. Though she will groom her daughter.

She does not back down from her role as alpha. We had one rabbit, Samantha, that also would not back down in her personal quest to become alpha. Big Ears would calmly watch Samantha, but when Samantha would try to take (attack) the role, Big Ears would win every time. Because of this, Big Ears has a tear on one of her ears, but that does not stop those ears from being straight up and alert.  Samantha has since found another home to stop this conflict for alpha role. Big Ears has proven herself many times over that she is a huge benefit to our Ranch taking care of all the other bunnies.  She is the alpha!

Normally she’s nice a fat with a double dew lap. She’s a mom of three litters and one on the way. Her litters are huge just like her babies and she’s a fantastic mom. She gives everything to her babies, even loosing a lot of weight. We work hard to keep her fed. She watches us carefully as we handle her babies and clean the nest.  We want to give her 6 months to a year before breeding her again. Her babies are so sweet and gentle. They make great pets and the ones she has had have fantastic loving homes.

Note that dewlap! Big Ears, Feral and Charlie from Left to Right

We have kept one of her babies, Feral, as she is the great escapee.  Feral will saunter back home like no big deal.   Big Ears will discipline her daughter when she gets back home.  Feral will submit in apology and ask for forgiveness.  Yes, this is us humanizing rabbit behavior. 

Like all our rabbits, she gets fresh greens, hay, pellets and a med schedule as they are free range in their enclosure outside. 

To keep updates on Big Ear’s current pregnancy, follow us on Facebook.

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